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The Benefits Of Bi-Annual Probiotic ‘s & Why We Choose NDS Probiotics At FX Supplements

The Benefits Of Bi-Annual Probiotic ‘s & Why We Choose NDS Probiotics 

NDS Group

Because our western environment leaves us deficient in bacterial exposure its well recomended and documented to feed out gut with bacteria by supplementing bi-annually with specific strain proboitics.By providing your gut bacteria the healthist environment possible will allow the healthiest bacteria to grow. We recomend you create a optimum environment for you and your children’s ecosystem through an individualised approch.

About NDS Proboitics 

NDS have been in the health food business since 1984 and are the leading supplier of evidence based multistrain probiotic in powder and all our probiotic formulas are based on scientific research and are well documented, effective and safe. Their aim is to only use ingredients that are as close to nature as possible. We supply to professionals across Europe & United Kingdom and now Ireland through our Irish partner and leading Natural health clinics Nadura – Integrative Natural Health Ltd. Our products do not contain any chemicals, colourings, preservatives, additives or flavourings.

Basics of NDS Probiotics


NDS® Probiotic contains several different and specially selected good intestinal bacteria in freeze-dried form. This means that the bacteria have been dried and pulverised after the freezing process. The liquid required in their active form has thereby been removed from the bacteria.

Most products containing intestinal bacteria undergo this process. Before ingestion, NDS® Probiotic must be dissolved in lukewarm water and left for 10-15 minutes before drinking. The most effective method is to drink the mixture before bedtime or some time before breakfast.

The reason for NDS® Probiotic having to be dissolved in water before ingestion is that the bacteria must be given time to absorb the water required for their reactivation and efficient ability to function. They must be rehydrated in clean water and not in drinks such as milk, squash or fizzy drinks. When capsules or tablets are ingested, they initially arrive in the stomach with its acidic environment and other liquids. This is a tough ride for dry bacteria that quickly need to absorb liquid to become active again

To aid the bacteria further in handling the osmotic shock involved in suddenly being exposed to liquid, the manufacturer of NDS® Probiotic has added special nutrients to the bacterial mixture. These include three different minerals and some prebiotics (food for probiotics). This improvement gives the bacteria a ‘packed lunch’ for their journey through the gastrointestinal tract to increase their chance of growing and attaching to the mucous membrane of the gut.

Due to these added nutrients, NDS® Probiotic has at least two years’ documented stable shelf life at room temperature.

One measure of bacterial efficiency is that they are able to produce sufficient acid to reduce pH levels efficiently. The lower the pH is during testing, the more efficient the bacteria are. This study compares a competing product called X with NDS®

Both products have the same number of bacteria per gram, in this case 109 = 1,000,000,000 bacteria per gram. During testing over five hours, NDS® Probiotic managed to lower the pH from 5.7 to approx. 4.2. Product X only managed to lower the pH from 5.7 to approx. 5. Based on this study, it can be concluded that the bacteria in NDS® Probiotic are more active and efficient than the bacteria in product X.

The various NDS® Probiotic products contain from 500 million to 10 billion bacteria in a single gram of product. As the standard recommended dose is one teaspoonful that weighs between 3 and 5 grams, a daily dose will contain between 1.5 and 50 billion viable bacteria. Not many competing products are able to match that.

NDS BioActive technology improves the efficacy of the bacteria strains.

BioActive technology is based on research in prebiotic compounds, minerals and enzymes. The BioActive technology consists of bacteria specific protective and nutritional ingredients. These ingredients are specifically selected to increase;

Shelf life

Product stability and longer shelf life. Our technology protects the bacteria in the product against environmental conditions and allow storage at room temperature. Often environmental conditions kills a large number of the bacteria in many products.

Gastro-intestinal survival of the bacteria

Surviving the stomach and gastro-intestinal (GI) tract is the first basic functionality of a probiotic product. The more bacteria that survives the GI-tract, the better the effect. When the bacteria are unprotected a large number of bacteria is killed as a result of the low pH in the stomach and the fluids in the GI-tact.

BioActive technology protects the bacteria against acidic conditions in the stomach and keeps them alive and active.

Activity of the bacteria in the intestine

After survival of the GI-tract, the probiotic bacteria are in the small intestine and to be effective at the right time and at the right place. We have selected ingredients that will bring the bacteria into an active state. BioActive technology provides the bacteria with their nutritional needs. They are able to colonize, resulting in an even more effective probiotic product.

By using this technology NDS has created real symbiotic, highly active probiotic.

NDS Probiotics Individualised Products, Explore the range 


NDS® Probiotic S-60 NRG 

This product we use with our Performance Athletes or anyone under long-term stress be it from lifestyle, employment or endurance sports in cases of chronic fatigue syndrome or other immunological disorders, autoimmune diseases and the build-up of toxins – as well as in detoxification phases where similar, complicated health problems need to be addressed.NDS® Probiotic S-60 NrG, the strains have also been selected on the basis of avoiding any production of unwanted D-lactic acid.

NDS ® Probiotic Barrier For Leaky Gut 

NDS® Probiotic Barrier has been developed in collaboration with Wageningen University and Hospital Gelderse Vallei in Ede, the Netherlands. It is a multispecies probiotic product specifically developed to strengthen and improve the intestinal barrier function. It’s results and scientific data in the area’s of inflammation, Migraine and gut permeiability (Leaky gut)


NDS® Probiotic Classic ® Broad Spectrum Proboitic 

Probiotic Classic

NDS® Probiotic Classic® is a multispecies probiotic specifically designed for managing and maintaining the intestinal balance. Since the product is a multispecies broad-spectrum formulation, it is able to be active at all three different levels

  • Inhibit various pathogens such as C. difficile, E. coli, E. faecalis.
  • Improve barrier function
  • Influence the immune system

NDS® Probiotic Performance can improve intestinal barrier function, low-grade inflammation and redox homeostasis.

NDS® Performance Athlete Probiotic has been tested in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial at the Medical University of Graz, Austria. Twenty-three endurance sportsmen received a daily dose (1*1010 cfu/day) of NDS® Probiotic Performance or placebo for 14 weeks.

The triple step test ergometry was used as a model for stress. This performance test to measure maximum endurance capacity was performed at baseline and at the end of the treatment. Markers for intestinal barrier function, oxidative stress and inflammation were measured. The trial showed that supplementation with NDS® Probiotic Performance significantly decreased stool zonulin levels, an important marker for a ‘leaky gut’. Moreover, a trend was shown towards a decrease in the chronic inflammatory marker TNF-α.


NDS® Probiolax® for constipation and sluggish bowel in people of all ages (children + 1 y old).


Constipation is characterised by the following criteria:

–infrequent defecation, less than three times per week

–faecal incontinence (dirty underwear), more than two times per week, only seen in children with constipation

–passage of large and painful stools –retentive posturing

Constipation is the most common gastrointestinal disorder affecting between 12-27% of the general population. Great to know it’s not just you isn’t it?

There are many factors that directly affect our bowel transit time some including diet and hydration levels, however research is now pointing to probiotics and gut bacteria levels playing an essential role. Constipation sometimes becomes part of peoples everyday life, because it’s not an acute illness or disorder it tends to be ‘tolerated’ by individuals but can cause an array of symptoms including pain, bloating, cramping, nausea, haemorrhoids and a general uncomfortable sensation that continues to persist. Sometimes despite dietary changes and increasing hydration levels it can persist, this is where our gut bacteria need to be addressed.

So how can bacteria affect my bowel? There are numerous ways! Gut bacteria greatly influence the speed at which our gut pushes our food through our digestive tract (peristalsis), mainly via food digestion but also through electrolyte stimulation which softens our stool making them easier to travel. Bowel movements need to be regular, generally between 1-2 bowel movements daily is optimum for health and transit time. If an individual is chronically constipated not only can it cause the above symptoms, it can also cause more bacteria being reabsorbed back into the hepatic (liver) system which is over time can hinder the livers detoxification capability. Did you know a simple course of anti-biotics can alter our gut flora distribution and quantity which can be enough to induce constipation and a change in bowel patterns?

NDS Probiolax is a multispecies probiotic product, designed with the specific aim to ease away constipation. NDS® Probiolax has been developed in close cooperation with the Children’s Hospital of the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) of the University of Amsterdam. The bacterial strains of NDS Probiolax have been specifically selected for their capacity to –  inhibit Clostridium difficile and Staphylococcus aureus and to  increase production of lactic acid to improve the motility and peristalsis of the intestine.

Clinical evidence-  NDS Probiolax has been tested in a clinical study, organised in collaboration with the Children’s Hospital of the Academic  Medical Centre of the University of Amsterdam. Twenty children suffering from constipation used the product for four weeks (once daily). Results showed that NDS Probiolax was able to induce a significant increase in the amount of bowel movements per week, a significant decrease in the amount of abdominal pain and a significant decrease in the amount of faecal incontinence (dirty underwear).

Why ‘tolerate’ constipation and its hindering symptoms when you don’t have to?

For the establishment and maintenance of an intestinal flora that contributes to a healthy metabolism in both children and adults.

NDS® W8 Probiotic For Overweight & Weight Loss 

Being overweight is usually defined as a BMI between 25 -30 (kg/m2) while having a BMI > 30 is defined as obesity. In the past 30 years or so, the percentage of people who are overweight has grown significantly. The causal links are complex as many genetic factors and lifestyle components, such as eating habits and the level of physi- cal activity, the balance between energy-giving nutrients, individual metabolism and ability to regulate metabolism, all play a part.

In earlier times and throughout human history, intermittent scarcity of food would occur depending on season, population density, wars and natural disasters, so the people who survived the times of scarcity were those who were particularly good at ‘storing’ when food was plenty. We also know that babies who have been starved as foetuses and are therefore born underweight in relation to the length of the preg- nancy, adjust their ‘biological regulator’ to ‘starvation’ and are therefore coded to utilise food very efficiently so that when they are given sufficient amounts of food, there will be a greater risk that they will become overweight. This is hitting society like a boomerang now, when most societies in the world have access to energy-dense and nutrient-poor food and industrial development is gaining speed and eliminating the need for the physically demanding activity of earlier eras.

Occurrence: the high level of overweight and obese people is noticeable in many countries, independent of geographical location, ethnic composition of the popula- tion, age and gender. Table 1 shows the percentage of people who are overweight (BMI 25-29.9) and obese (BMI +30). The prevalence of both overweight and obesity is high all over the world, and that the only group with a lower prevalence is adults in Asia. This means that there is a serious mismatch between our biological needs and the overall environment that we have created.

NDS® Probiotic Skin Active (Also Available At The Highly Regarded Wexford Skin Clinic) 

NDS Skin active

With the recent launch of the latest innovation in skincare NDS SkinActive® Probiotic, the results are simply outstanding and the science and studies stack up.

For cosmetic reasons, we would like our skin to remain beautiful and supple for as long as possible. And this should preferably be in a natural way so we avoid going under the knife or getting injections. The skin is nourished by the nutrients our diet consists of. You are what you eat, and your skin shows exactly that. New skin cells are formed about every 28th day. A healthy diet and sufficient fluids is the prerequisite for beautiful and strong skin. The skin is a very large organ, as far as its weight is concerned and it has an area of approx. 2 m2. The skin is our barrier between the inner and outer surroundings. It is important to keep this barrier intact.


For example, the skin must protect us against heat, cold, radiation and micro-organisms. The skin also regulates our body temperature and helps to create vitamin D. About 75% of the skin’s dry weight consists of collagen peptides, which is embedded in the skin’s connective tissue. NDS® Probiotic SkinActive® is a new dietary sup- plement product for plump and radiant skin. The product contains collagen peptides, zinc, vitamins E and C combined with four probiotic Bifidobacteria with nutrients for the delivery of these bacteria. The ingredients in NDS® Probiotic SkinActive® nourish the skin’s three layers from the inside and replenishes the skin with the nutrients it needs.

Our Specific Children’s Range Of NDS Proboitics 

Children’s NDS Panda 1 

Panda 2

This specific range is used in younger children for a full range of different symptoms but also used in the prevention and treatment of allergies in both children and adults. Also for pregnant or breastfeeding women who are worried that their child may develop an allergy.

5 specially selected bacteria strains in a complex of rice starch, maltodextrin, minerals and enzymes. Used by mothers when six months pregnant and for babies during the first 12 months after birth. Well tolerated by those in need of eczema risk reduction.

NDS Panda 2 

Panda 2

This specific range is used in younger children for a full range of different symptoms but also used in the prevention and treatment of allergies in both children and adults. Also for pregnant or breastfeeding women who are worried that their child may develop an allergy.


In Europe, probiotic strains are con- sidered safe if they have the Qualified Presumption of Safety (QPS)-status5. All probiotic strains in NDS® Probiotic Performance have the QPS status.


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