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Performance improvement begins at the cellular level — energy systems must be stressed and stimulated to produce more energy. Cells contain factory-like structures, called mitochondria, where oxygen is combined with fuel to make adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the molecule that stores cellular energy. When stressed, the cell manufactures more mitochondria per cell, so that it can produce more energy in the form of ATP—when you become more physically fit, the cells get “fitter” too!

The ability to manufacture more energy depends on the number of mitochondria per cell, but within the mitochondria there are enzymes that actually take the calories from our food and turn them into ATP. So as there are more mitochondria, there must be a great increase in energy pathway enzymes to facilitate this process.

Since the structure of mitochondria, enzymes, muscle fibers, and tendons is composed of protein, there is a great need for essential amino acids for this process to occur. If we have adequate essential amino acid intake, all of these systems can improve. If we don’t, then work- ing out may produce little or no gain, as the deficiency of essential amino acids will limit the result. If you are working out and seeing no improvement in muscle strength, speed, endurance, or power, then this may be at the heart of your problem. However, you also want to take into account the other important components of this growth cycle: thyroid hormone, growth hormone, and insulin. Credit; Dr David Minkoff (The search for the perfect amino)

Perfect Amino Is World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) tested, certified product

Five reasons why so many athletes are changing their protein to perfect amino

Science – Athletes no longer want marketing driven fads. Many now ask our nutritionists at FX about the science and data, lab and approvals. As we say we are the company you can speak to. We have the data and it’s WADA and doctor approved. 

Absorption – It’s a whooping 99% absorbed vs 18% from whey and 1% BCAA. 

Safety – Kidneys & Liver, It’s not metabolised by the kidneys as it’s 99% absorbed and it’s one of the safest supplements in the world. 

Brand Trust – It’s made by 43 time full Iron Man and 8 time Kona Dr David Minkoff and at FX our mission statement is that we only supply one protein and it HAS to be the best available in the globe!!

Results – Yes, you guessed it. The reason you guys keep coming back to us is that it (unlike many lesser quality brands) WORKS and is on the muscle within 23 mins  

Read The Book The Search For The Perfect Protein By Dr David Minkoff

If you would like to see more of this text or data or to read Dr Minkoffs e-book before you make your mind up to change your protein source to perfect amino email and request a copy

Did you know?

All of our staff here at FX supplements are qualified nutritionists, RPN nurse, qualified  counsellor and highly trained supplement & product specialists specialists. We only supply science and evidenced based practical supplements from leading manufacturers.

The vast majority of our products are formulated by doctors and biologists to the highest standards. 

We are the company you can talk to at FX Supplements“. If you are a coach, nutritionist, doctor, pharmacist or PT and you want data before you recommend to your clients contact us here at FX Supplements and we are happy to both discuss with you and supply you with the research and data/approvals from all our supplements or liaise with the medical teams behind these products.


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