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Sick and tired of trying to loose weight? Spent a fortune on so called ‘weight loss miracles’?

Sick and tired of trying to loose weight? Spent a fortune on so called ‘weight loss miracles’?, seeing no results from your gym regime and tried every weight loss programme there is? What if your weight is not your fault? Research is telling us just that!

NDS W8 Probiotic

There are many reasons for today’s obesity and over-weight rates within our modern society. One major factor that research has now identified in weight gain is our gut flora and the diversity of our probiotic strains. Our gut microbiome is now thought to be more than responsible for weight issues at 80-85% rcompared to our DNA 55-60%. Research now shows that ratios of certain bacteria including Bacteroidetes, Firmicutes, Prevotella and Ruminococcus can all plays role in how well we utilise and absorb calories from our food. Of the named species above Becteroidetes and firmicutes have been extensively studied. If our gut has more firmicutes than bacteroidetes, then we can extract more calories from our food. In simple terms, if we give two people an identical 1500kcal diet, the person with more firmicutes will extract more calories and is therefore more prone to putting on weight in comparison to the person with more bacteroidetes.

Despite the large number of functions our gut flora play in our entire body including: inflammation, vitamin synthesis, immunity, neurological health, autoimmunity it is now apparent that they also have a major role in weight maintenance.

NDS W8 has been formulated to establish a healthy gut flora that contributes to a healthy metabolism and utilisation of calories consumed.

Your’s in health or Functional Supplements Ireland are qualified nutritionists who want to offer a location on-line where the very best researched supplements are available to clients from a central hum.

We supply a full range of superior, evidenced based supplements to clients and practitioners across Ireland & UK. Our range of supplements are sourced from some of the most researched and ethical companies on the globe. If you care about what you put in your body, you’ve come to the right on-line store.

We guarantee the highest quality products here at FX Supplements, we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase contact us within 7-days and we’ll make it right!

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