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Shaping You Infants Gut Bacteria For Life – FX

Did you know, predominately babies who are born via vaginal delivery have a diverse range of bifidobacteria transferred orally during delivery and seeding their immature guts and shaping their digestive ability and immune system for life. Recent research is outlining that the number of bifidobacteria is declining and setting up an environment that is promoting chronic disease including food sensitivities & allergies, diabetes, asthma, eczema and obesity later in life.

NDS Panda 1 product was designed with this in mind providing a range of bifidobacteria for the infant right up to 12 months to promote optimum gut bacteria. This is suitable from birth. This product is used by mums whose babies are born vaginally to enhance diversity and in many cases by moms whose babies are born via c section as this has been high lighted as one of the areas contributing to bifidobacteria decline. Babies born via c section have been found to possess quite an altered gut bacteria diversity as they are missing this vital seeding process that happens with vaginal delivery.

Panda 1 may help:

Shaping an infants gut bacteria

Promoting a healthy immune system

Enhancing digestion and absorption of nutrients

Reducing digestive complains including colic

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