Stars RIP Tape (3 rolls Per Box)


FXsupplements now supplier of the newest  generation of sports “Kinesio” tape by Star Geoghegan.

RIP TAPE – Therapeutic “Kinesio” Tape developed by World Renound physical therapist Anthony “Star” Geoghegan. Star  designer of the “RIP Tool” & “Speed Board” used by some of the best athletes in the globe including Usain Bolt, David Oliver, Blanka Vlasic and Tori Bowie to name a few. These products are now further complemented with the addition of Stars RIP Tape.

RIP Tape is woven with a unique combination of natural environmentally sound materials. Its uses a safe and non-narcotic means of treat pain and injury at the source. The tape is impregnated with a heating agent which works by lifting the skin away from facia. This process increases heat to the injured area thus improving hyperaemia which promotes rapid healing and recovery.

Its light weight and comfortable to wear and can be used for hundreds of common injuries to provide 24 hour relief per application. The tape maintains its application in the presence of sweat, strain and humidity and can even be worn in water due to a special adhesive. The tape does not interfere with the bod’s natural movement and can have a very positive effect on

Muscular strains 

Carpal Tunnel

Wrist Pain 

Runners Knee 

Plantar Fasciitis 

Tennis Elbow 

Achilles Tendonitis