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NDS® Probiotic W8-Control®


For the establishment and maintenance of an intestinal flora that contributes to a healthy metabolism in both children and adults.

Overweight or obese?

Being overweight is usually defined as a BMI between 25 -30 (kg/m2) while having a BMI > 30 is defined as obesity. In the past 30 years or so, the percentage of people who are overweight has grown significantly. The causal links are complex as many genetic factors and lifestyle components, such as eating habits and the level of physi- cal activity, the balance between energy-giving nutrients, individual metabolism and ability to regulate metabolism, all play a part.

In earlier times and throughout human history, intermittent scarcity of food would occur depending on season, population density, wars and natural disasters, so the people who survived the times of scarcity were those who were particularly good at ‘storing’ when food was plenty. We also know that babies who have been starved as foetuses and are therefore born underweight in relation to the length of the preg- nancy, adjust their ‘biological regulator’ to ‘starvation’ and are therefore coded to utilise food very efficiently so that when they are given sufficient amounts of food, there will be a greater risk that they will become overweight. This is hitting society like a boomerang now, when most societies in the world have access to energy-dense and nutrient-poor food and industrial development is gaining speed and eliminating the need for the physically demanding activity of earlier eras.

Occurrence: the high level of overweight and obese people is noticeable in many countries, independent of geographical location, ethnic composition of the popula- tion, age and gender. Table 1 shows the percentage of people who are overweight (BMI 25-29.9) and obese (BMI +30). The prevalence of both overweight and obesity is high all over the world, and that the only group with a lower prevalence is adults in Asia. This means that there is a serious mismatch between our biological needs and the overall environment that we have created.


Free Delivery On Irish Orders Over €60


Lose Weight With NDS® Probiotic W8-Control®

Have you always felt that your inability to lose or maintain your weight loss was something biological? Science is telling us just that and NDS probiotic W8 control has been formulated based on emerging science.
There are many reasons for today’s obesity and overweight rates within our modern society. One major factor that research has now identified in weight gain is our gut flora and the diversity of our probiotic strains. Our gut microbiome is now thought to be more than responsible for weight issues at 80-85% compared to our DNA 55-60%. Research now shows that different ratios of certain bacteria including Bacteroidetes, Firmicutes, Prevotella, and Ruminococcus can all play a role in how well we utilize and absorb calories from our food. Of the named species above Becteroidetes and firmicutes have been extensively studied. If our glut has more firmicutes than bacteroidetes, then we can extract more calories from our food. In simple terms, if we give two people an identical 1500kcal diet, the person with more firmicutes will extract more calories and is, therefore, more prone to putting on weight in comparison to the person with more bacteroidetes. Despite a large number of functions our gut flora plays in our entire body including inflammation, vitamin synthesis, immunity, neurological health, autoimmunity it is now apparent that they also have a major role in weight maintenance. NDS W8 has been formulated to establish a healthy gut flora that contributes to healthy metabolism and the utilization of calories consumed.

NDS® Probiotic W8-Control®

What makes NDS superior probiotics?

NDS probiotics differ in a number of ways to other probiotic brands. During the manufacture of probiotics, the strains are freeze-dried prior to being bottled for resale, what this process means to the bacteria is that liquid and moisture within the strains are now harshly removed to preserve their shelf life. This is great for the stockists of probiotics on the shelves, however not so good for the consumer purchasing. As with the vast majority of other brands, most probiotics are consumed in this form without any reactivation of strains. Therefore no reactivation with adequate liquid for maximum adhesion to our gut wall, and given they are consumed straight into an acidic stomach, the results don’t fare too positive either. NDS probiotics come in powder form, prior to consumption they need to be reactivated in lukewarm water for 15 minutes in order to hydrate the bacteria themselves as they are living microbes. Another reason why NDS is superior is the addition of both nutrients for maximum osmosis potential (adhesion to the gut wall) and the addition of some prebiotics for each strain to consume. The addition of nutrients (minerals) to each product encourages the osmotic process and diffusion of strains encouraging them to line the gut wall. This process is known as ‘mineral mix’ utilizing their unique Biotechnology. NDS probiotic blends have been vigorously tested and studied within a laboratory, University, and hospital environment and have been utilized in studies within the Netherlands. Another clear benefit that Fx Supplements NDS probiotics offer is targeted blends for specific illness and dysfunction. With the huge advances in nutrition and functional medicine today, whose major ethos is individual medicine, its unrealistic to believe that one blend of probiotic strains is going to benefit all ailments and all people, yes, of course, this idea is amazing, however, its untrue. NDS offers targeted blends that have contain a mix of strains proven to benefit a range of illnesses including inflammation, IBS, IBD, Crohns, Colitis, migraines, stress, children, weight loss, constipation, and sports performance. Ask yourself this, why would you take strains for constipation if you experience diarrhea from endurance sports? It simply doesn’t add up! If you want targeted proven strains then NDS is for you. Store in a cool, dry place – do not refrigerate. Keep out of reach of children. Do Not Exceed the recommended daily dose. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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