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NDS Collagen Sport®



NDS Multi Collagen Sport contains 3 unique collagen peptides which, among other things, are contained in larger amounts in our muscles, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. With a daily dose, you get up to 15,000 mg. collagen!

NDS Multi Collagen Sport is your daily supplement of collagen and contains three different forms of collagen (CPF 218, CPT 202 and CPB 227), which are targeted and hit directly where the need is. With this product you get the correct collagen peptides in effective and well-documented doses.

NDS produces supplements of the highest quality, and uses nature’s own delivery system to supply nutrients directly to your body – completely without chemical and synthetic additives. For this reason, the product has a high absorbency, so you benefit from its effects.

Dosage and use:
If necessary, take 1-2 measuring spoons with a top (15-30 ml), which corresponds to 7,500-15,000 mg of collagen.

The taste-neutral powder is dissolved in a glass with approx. 200 ml. water, juice, smoothie etc.