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Intestinal Cleanse



Intestinal Cleanse is an all natural gentle eliminator to facilitate healthy bowel movements and detox. Made with 15 healing herbs from around the world to improve bowel movements, improve your elimination system, and restore your health.

Your bowels are the body’s primary elimination and detox pathway. It’s how all the toxins and digestive byproducts leave your body.

When you are “backed up” toxins are reabsorbed by the intestinal wall leading to “autointoxication”.

Toxins build up in your liver, lymphatic system, your skin, and even your brain. It can lead to surprisingly diverse and baffling symptoms–far beyond the discomfort of constipation.

16 Ingredients for Optimal Intestinal Health
Intestinal cleanse includes 15 medicinal herbs from around the world, plus trace minerals essential for optimal intestinal function.

It works overnight to gently stimulate elimination–no emergency bathroom trips or cramping.

It also includes herbs to help rebuild and strengthen mucosal lining–repairing the damage from leaky gut and other intestinal damage that can impact your elimination systems.*

Intestinal Cleanse even has multiple herbs with anti-fungal and anti-parasite compounds, to knock out any yeast or other bugs that may be hiding out in your system and secretly draining your health.*



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