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Why are we not looking after our guts?

If this is the most basic yet comprehensive health protector then why are we not doing it?

Research is abundant with regards to the role of our gut flora to not only our physical health but also hugely involved in our mental health.

One of the simplest yet effective methods of maintaining our overall health is by keeping our gut bacteria happy.

How many of you reading this have a slight coating on your tongue, some bloating, excess gas and wind and cramping? Any of these issues above are simple signs that our digestive tract and the health of our gut flora are under pressure to maintain homeostasis. We know that antibiotics and oral steroids are life savers in many instances, however how many of you have taken a probiotic directly after your antibiotic or concurrently with it? More importantly how many of you have digestive problems that can be linked back to the week or so of taking these vital medications? We are simply not putting two and two together!!

Instead of waiting to heal something, why are you not preventing it?

NDS Probiotics have a wide range of targeted products that are manufactured to work on specific areas of gut flora disruption. Thinking that one universal probiotic blend is going to benefit the masses and work effectively and equally on both crohns and migraines for example, is no longer acceptable and this is where NDS in Denmark (one of Europe’s proven happiest countries) have excelled through sheer science and laboratory testing.

If you have crohns or colitis then you need to be taking specific tested strains (NDS ILD) that we know are proven to reduce inflammation in the bowel itself. If you have had quite a lot of stress over a long period we now know that different strains of lactobacillus tend to be depleted so instead of taking a ‘universal’ blend, we know that NDS S60NRG is targeted for just that! There is no point wasting your time and money taking the blend that the person beside you takes for their migraines you need targeted and more importantly tested strains.

Why are you wasting your money on universal blends and not saving money on targeted blends?

Visit for a wide range of targeted and laboratory tested range of probiotics to suit your individual needs.


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