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NDS Probiotics Why we see this brand as superior to others?

Probiotics play a role, not just in the intestine, but in overall health, including blood sugar and regulation of inflammation. In addition, possible prevention of heart disease, osteoporosis and minimising harmful intestinal flora associated with increased risk of colon cancer. Probiotics should form part of an integrated functional medicine care model for all health problems involving the interaction between the intestine, energy metabolism in muscles, liver and adipose tissue and our skin.

1- First off they are one of the only companies who source their strains in Japan (these are known as a superior form of strains)

2-Powder form that requires reactivation before consuming- As with the vast majority of probiotics they undergo a freeze dry process in order to remove the moisture to prolong their shelf- life, therefore they are pulverised in this process and although it may increase their shelf life they are practically dead in this format. Taking these in capsule form really has little benefit. NDS probiotics require activation in lukewarm water or 15 minutes prior to taking, this process allows the strains to reabsorb water that is vital if we want them to travel the entire digestive tract. This is a major reason why they can achieve such great results.

3- They are produced using a unique method known as ‘BioActive Technology‘ which in basic terms is using a complex of enzymes and some minerals as an electrolyte base for the main function of osmotic influence across the gut wall, therefore increasing the capability of strains residing in the gut and reducing the passive transfer through the gut.

4- NDS do not have just one probiotic product- Their belief is that ‘lumping’ a number of different strains into one tub and believing that it will be beneficial to every individual with every illness is complete nonsense. NDS have a range of 9 different probiotic formulas that are based on research and scientific evidence carried out within Universities and hospitals across Scandinavia and Denmark. A blend for crohns disease for example is not what someone with chronic constipation or diarrhoea will require.

5- A major reason why they also don’t put different types of strains into blends is because from their research while producing these blends is that certain strains of probiotic will actually start to consume others and are pointless, both clinically and financially in a blend. Lactobacillus Rhamanosus is one particular strain that they have found consumes many others.

6- They also do not require refrigeration due to the specific manufacturing which is always great from a storage and client perspective.

7-  The manufacturer of NDS Probiotics has appointed a team of researchers, product developers, laboratory technicians and physicians who work with medical doctors and other medical professionals around the world within a University and hospital environment carrying our research on each blend.

8- They have also just released a new skin product for anti ageing purposes that has studies and the results to match, Skin Active is a range of probiotics, nutrients for optimum skin but also different types of collagen peptides and they are further developing two new products which will be released next year for degenerative illnesses including rheumatoid arthritis, osteo etc which are massively on the increase. Again no product is rushed to market, the skin product has been in production for the past couple of years and only now been released with the science, evidence and results to match.

If you have a specific issue or have a query which probiotic may be most beneficial to you please email

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