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Lab Testing Power Meal Insulin Response For Fat Adaptation With Dr. Finbar McGrady

A collaboration between FX Supplements Europe & International Athlete & Medical Doctor, Dr. Finbar McGrady

Our data and support tips are scientifically validated and approved by elite athlete and medical doctor – Dr. Finbar McGrady. Power Meal is also a medical doctor-formulated by Dr. David Minkoff USA who is also 44-time full Ironman and 8 time Kona world championships competitor.

Read the test at the end of this document carried out by European Medalist Dr. Finbar McGrady on his experience with PowerMeal

We know that the body’s primary fuel source is carbohydrates but when athletes train sometimes up to twice per day it’s quite difficult to get the required amount of carbohydrates to fuel energy availability. It’s also hard on both the GI tract and on the blood sugar hormone “Insulin”

Imagine if there was a way to enable the athlete to ingest sufficient carbohydrates to fuel performance but avoid spiking blood sugars.

Imagine if you could simultaneously take the perfect amount of protein and fat to enhance the effect of metabolic flexibility to fuel different intensities and support effective adaptation to the training stimulus.

Imagine if you could have a full vitamin and mineral blend that would offer full antioxidant support for the trained athlete.

Imagine if it was evidenced-based, doctor-formulated, lab tested, and proven on elite international athletes!!!


Powermeal ® From FX Supplements

Full-Spectrum Nutrition for Peak Performance

Peak performance requires balance. You need energy available quickly and efficiently but also sustained in the long term. It’s not performance-enhancing if you crash before the finish line.

You need vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help drive all the essential biological processes for clear thinking, hormonal balance, and proper waste elimination.

And let’s not forget the digestive system – if your digestion isn’t solid, your entire game can be thrown off. The 100 trillion or so bacteria that comprise your gut’s microbiome are crucial for energy production, immune regulation, and even brain function. So what makes them happy? Prebiotics and fiber from whole foods.

But if you look at the most performance supplements and meal replacements, you’ll at best get 1 or 2 of these needs covered. And most of them are based on outdated research. This leaves you needing to buy 4 or 5 different pricey supplements of questionable quality just to cover your bases.

Let’s break it down for what you need for a month’s supply of Meal Replacement:

  • Protein Powder 25-40e
  • Greens/Superfood Powder 25-40e
  • MCTs: 20-30e
  • Multi-Vitamin: 20-60e

This all adds up to 90 – 170e depending on the quality of what you buy. And you have to keep track of all the different products you’re using.

This is neither efficient nor effective. To perform at the top of your game, you need something better.

PerfectAmino PowerMeal is a true meal replacement supplement, giving you all the high-quality nutrition and energy you need in one easy-to-drink, delicious chocolate shake. With just one serving of PerfectAmino Power Meal you get:

  • 7.5g PerfectAmino formula – the premier blend of the 8 essential amino acids
  • 5g MCT Oil – all C8 and C10 for satiety and energy
  • 12g of high potency organic Superfood Blend
  • Daily Dose of Vitamins and Minerals

Founded in the Science of Protein Synthesis

The core of PerfectAmino Power Meal is built upon our revolutionary protein formula PerfectAmino. This is a scientifically designed blend of the 8 essential amino acids the body needs to build and maintain its muscular, skeletal, enzymatic, and hormonal systems. What makes it so potent is that there is a specific ratio of these amino acids that create maximum use.

Anything outside of this ratio goes to waste.

Whey protein, in comparison, is only 18% utilized by the body to actually build or repair proteins. The rest is catabolized and becomes toxic nitrogen waste. The ratio of amino acids in whey protein is actually not all that great for building muscle, despite all the marketing dollars poured into these so-called “muscle building” powders.

Think of it like baking a cake that requires 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of sugar, and 1 egg. If you have 50 cups of flour, 10 cups of sugar, but only 1 egg, you can still only make 1 cake. The rest goes to waste.

This is the genius of Perfect Amino. This blend is 99% utilized by your body to build muscle, restore enzymes, and regenerate tissue. And each serving of PowerMeal is loaded with 7.5g of PerfectAmino. In terms of actual used-amino acids, this is the equivalent of 41.6g of whey protein.

Fuel For Your Fire: Carb10t

The last 20 years produced a massive amount of information on the negative impact of carbohydrates on your health. Carbs spike your insulin, drive inflammation, and promote fat accumulation.

And yet, they still provide one of the most readily available forms of energy for the intense physical demands of athletes, bodybuilders, and weekend warriors.

Maltodextrin, a synthetic complex carbohydrate derived from GMO corn, has become a staple addition to many protein shakes formulas.

With a glycemic index that is over twice that of white sugar, it enters the bloodstream very rapidly and quickly replenishes muscle energy stores. An athlete rides the sugar high and feels recovered. But then there’s the crash. The insulin spike induced by maltodextrin comes from the same sugar crash that occurs with a plate of cookies. And the same inflammatory and diabetic risks, the same brain fog, the same rollercoaster of energy levels. Maltodextrin and other carbohydrate additions to these protein shakes are not a long-term strategy for health and performance.

Enter Carb10.

Carb10 is the latest development in nutrition technology, offering the immediacy of carbohydrate energy without spiking blood sugar. Derived from a special form of carbohydrate found in peas, it has a unique structure that bypasses all the negative side-effects of most other carbohydrates.

  • No insulin spike.
  • No crash.
  • No bloating.
  • No downside.
  • Just energy.

Energy For the Long-Haul: MCT Oil

If you haven’t heard of Medium Chain Triglycerides, or MCTs, prepare to have your mind blown. Triglycerides are a form of fat storage and they can come in 3 basic sizes: short-chain, medium-chain, and long-chain. These different lengths are processed differently by your body. Long-chain triglycerides are the most difficult and problematic for your body. These are the kinds of fats used to make fried chicken and donuts.

Medium-chain triglycerides, however, are incredible. They are just the right length for cellular membranes, for the myelin sheathing of neurons, anti-inflammatory molecules, and, most relevant here, for making ketones. Ketones are the preferred brain food and make energy for your whole body that can last for hours.

With 5g of MCTs per serving, PowerMeal will make you feel fuller for longer with sustainable energy for the long haul.

Vitamin and Mineral Blend for Optimal Biological Performance

No meal would be complete without a full complement of vitamins and minerals. These are the little keys that open the doors and grease the wheels of optimal performance. If your enzymes don’t function due to a mineral deficiency, no amount of amino acids or MCTs will get you to that next level.

We cover all your health bases with essential B vitamins, key minerals like zinc, magnesium, and selenium, and antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E, as well as neuromuscular-enhancing vitamin D3.

Superfoods for That Extra Boost

The list of beneficial compounds contained within certain nutrient-dense plants called superfoods could literally fill pages of text. Polyphenols, phytonutrients, prebiotics, and trace minerals are all crucial for your health in small doses.

Historically, we got these naturally from our diet, but with the current state of our contaminated food system and rapidly degrading soil, we get less and less of these each year. It’s estimated that an orange harvested today has only 20% of the nutritional value as an orange from 20 years ago.

To round out the full-spectrum nutritional value of PerfectAmino Power Meal, we added a potent whole-food blend of some of the most beneficial beans, berries, fruits, plants, and greens the earth provides us, giving your body that last little push toward peak performance.

The Ultimate Meal for Peak Performance: in Sports, Work, and Life

With PerfectAmino, MCTs, Carb10, vitamins, minerals, and superfoods, this unique, scientifically designed formula gives you the energy you need now and sustains you longer than any other nameless generic protein powder.

This isn’t just for athletes looking for their next PR.

Power Meal is for those who want to be at their best. Whether that’s in the office, in front of your audience, or managing the myriad pressures of modern life, you’re only as good as your fuel.

See the results of Dr. Finbars Test with Power Meal

Test Report from Dr. Finbar McGrady

I had been using Power Meal for several weeks and noticed I didn’t get that midmorning

slump in energy with it, so I decided to complete some testing on myself around training and performance in terms of bloods and fitness


  • Watt bike test
  • Bloods glucose testing
  • Continuous blood glucose monitor testing

Testing: Glucose (sugar) Levels

Each meal listed in the chart below was consumed on a day when I had planned a training session earlier in the day. Blood Glucose measurements were taken fasted, after 30minutes, 60 minutes & 120minutes. I rested throughout the whole 120minutes prior to training each time.

The main findings were that both the Power Meal (69g carbohydrate) and carb 10 (50g carbohydrate) did not cause any rise in glucose (and therefore no rise in insulin). This contrasted to the meals which contained oats & fruit. As expected, the eggs, avocado and bacon also did not cause a rise in glucose (as this meal contains minimal carbohydrate)

Graph: Blood glucose on the vertical axis rises (on a 30minute test) in response to eating oats, potatoes & fruit, but not with PowerMeal or Carb10.


Testing: Fitness

Prior to starting Power Meal, I undertook a 30minute maximal effort test on the watt bike (8th Jan 2020)

  • Weight 77kg
  • 30minute average power 311Watts.
  • Power to weight ratio of 4.04W/kg.

Retest 6 weeks later following use of 2 scoops Power Meal per day (20th Feb 2020)

  • Weight 73.5kg
  • 30minute average power 338Watts
  • Power to weight ratio of 4.60W/kg.

The reduction in weight (from loss of fat, not muscle) along with the increase in fitness led to an 18% improvement in my cycling power to weight ratio in a 6-week period by using  Power Meal as a source of carbohydrates.


The meal replacement protein shake, Power Meal has the ability to significantly improve performance, aid with weight loss (from fat), and reduce glucose and therefore insulin levels.

This means for me, that following a typical night of 8 hours sleep, then using either  Power Meal or Carb10 prior to training the following morning, I am able to get easily up to 14-16hours per day without any rise in glucose or insulin. This will have many benefits for me now as an athlete, but also as an anti-aging strategy, long into the future, as my risk of developing diabetes and other complications from raised glucose levels has been greatly reduced.


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