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Exercise-induced gastrointestinal dysfunction in endurance athletes

Endurance Athletes & Increased Probiotic Needs


If you’re an endurance athlete and frequently experience digestive problems, chronic colds or sub-optimal recovery or getting dropped out the back on race day or Sunday morning? This blog post may be for you?

In clinic we regularly identify increased need for probiotics for endurance athletes as is the nature of endurance sports like cycling, triathlon or tunning, they do tend to attract the more extreme individuals that like to push the body to its limits on a regular basis which does deplete the body of vital nutrients and bacteria that needs to be replenished by everyone, but much more by endurance athletes.

So what are the benefits to probiotics and why do we feel that NDS Probiotic “Performance” are the best available?

They improve recovery by increasing antioxidant absorption, which is paramount post training as free radicals are abundant during this time. it’s important that athletes meet them head-on with high amounts of antioxidant rich food in recovery and throughout each day. When eaten during recovery, probiotics increase antioxidant absorption, and thereby promote extra free radical fighting just when you need it.

Probiotics support immune function by promoting higher levels of the natural virus fighter, interferon, which is decreased in fatigued athletes. Typically endurance athletes are more prone to sickness more often than less-healthy individuals who don’t exercise as much? One area of suppression is the immune system, and specifically interferon’s, which are proteins made and released by cells in response to the presence of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and parasites. Studies have shown an increase in interferon’s in fatigued athletes with the supplementation of healthy bacteria, and thereby a decrease in illnesses such as mononucleosis.

A healthy bacterium improves digestion by increasing the bioavailability and absorption of proteins and fats. Healthy bacteria can improve the digestion of these nutrients in the stomach and intestines. Athletes have some of the highest nutrient needs of anyone, and these needs are best met when digestion is improved. Also, they can acutely reduce nausea, intestinal inflammation, bloating and hypersensitivity to foods—common complaints among athletes during and after training.

NDS Probiotic Performance 

NDS® Probiotic Performance can improve intestinal barrier function, low-grade inflammation and redox homeostasis. Main usage indications: Performance to be used mainly for athletes – to prevent runners diarrhoea and also to prevent increased risk of intestinal permeability that comes with sports

The science 

Performance has been tested in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial at the Medical University of Graz, Austria. Twenty-three endurance sportsmen received a daily dose (1*1010 cfu/day) of NDS® Probiotic Performance or placebo for 14 weeks.

The triple step test ergometry was used as a model for stress. This performance test to measure maximum endurance capacity was performed at baseline and at the end of the treatment. Markers for intestinal barrier function, oxidative stress and inflammation were measured. The trial showed that supplementation with NDS® Probiotic Performance significantly decreased stool zonulin levels, an important marker for a ‘leaky gut’. Moreover, a trend was shown towards a decrease in the chronic inflammatory marker TNF-α.

When to take a probiotic?

As a performance nutritionist i have typically two different answers, but typically for the average individual I suggest that if you take a probiotic twice per year and eat a balanced prebiotic & probiotic rich diet this should suffice. I recommend to my clients that if you use the “Changing of the clocks” as a reminder bi-annually as this is typically when we would need them most. However if you are an endurance athlete with heavy training load I would recommend you double this dose and take a probiotic every three months.

Should I just take NDS Performance?

No, not always but if your a sports person or athlete then yes this is the product designed for you. With that said NDS are the only company to design products with specific strains for specific illnesses so if you think you or one of your family have a different need don’t hesitate to contact us here at because this range have many other options depending on symptoms. Please see bellow

NDS Barrier – For behaviour issues and leaky gut

NDS® Probiotic Barrier®

NDS ILD – Specifically for IBS (Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis)

NDS® Probiotic I.L.D.®

NDS W8 – Specifically for weight loss

NDS® Probiotic W8-Control®

NDS Probiolax – Specifically for constapation

NDS® Probiolax®

NDS s60 – Specifically for stress or very physically active individuals

NDS® Probiotic S-60-Nrg®

NDS Skin Active – Designed for all skin issues

NDS SkinActive®

NDS Classic – Designed as a broad spectrum probiotic

NDS® Probiotic Classic®

NDS Panda 1 & Panda 2 – Children’s range

NDS® Probiotic Panda® 1

NDS® Probiotic Panda® 2

NDS Performance – Sports specific

NDS® Probiotic Performance®

If you have a query on what and when you should take probiotics don’t hesitate to contact us here at FX

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