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Supplements – What & Why! By Elite Triathlete Eoin Lyons

Fantastic insight into this fantastic athlete “Eoin Lyons” in terms of hi choice of performance supplements, what he chooses to put in his body and the reasons why he chooses the supplements he does. Intro I am lucky enough to have the support of The Nadura Clinic and FX Supplements while I try reach my […]

FX Athlete Oisin O’Callaghan Opens 2019 Season With Victory In Lousã Portugal

Oisin O’Callaghan has got his 2019 mountain bike campaign off to a winning start by claiming victory at the round three of the Portuguese DH Cup in Lousã. After a fantastic offseason FX supplements athlete Oisin O Callaghan deliveres in Portugal and we are delighted to have such a fantastic athlete wear our FX brand […]

Bodyhealth products from USA at FX Supplements for high-performance athletes


High-performance athletes trust the products at by Dr David Minkoff of BodyHealth. Our all-natural supplements nourish the bodies, speed recovery, and fuel exceptional athletic achievements. Triathletes, marathon runners, mma fighters, GAA, Ruby, Football, track and field athletes, cyclists, bodybuilders, and active individuals are always trying to maximize performance and optimize recovery. We chose to […]

NDS Probiotics Why we see this brand as superior to others?


Probiotics play a role, not just in the intestine, but in overall health, including blood sugar and regulation of inflammation. In addition, possible prevention of heart disease, osteoporosis and minimising harmful intestinal flora associated with increased risk of colon cancer. Probiotics should form part of an integrated functional medicine care model for all health problems […]

NDS Probiotics – The Effects On The Microbiome With Regular Prolonged Endurance Exercise


The Effects On The Microbiome With Regular Prolonged Endurance Exercise For many years our microbiome has received very little interest particularly in the line of sport and endurance sport. Our microbiome (bacterial community) begins in our mouth and inhabits our entire digestive system from mouth to anus, also inhabiting our skin. It has many roles […]