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About FX

We are extremely proud here at FX to have been chosen by some of the leading supplement manufacturers in the globe, who trust us to represent their brand here in Europe.

We are a progressive company informed By science

working at the cutting edge of nutraceutical advancement

Our Mission Statement

Here at FX Supplements Europe your trusted on line supplements store, we are heavy on the science. We only supply science and evidenced based supplements from the world’s leading and most trusted supplements suppliers. Here at FX we source our nutraceuticals from global market leaders. Quite simply we supply the very best available anywhere on the globe and always, always offer the client the supporting data to our claims.

We also test in our own facility with our own in house medical doctor and collaborator, who is also an international Irish triathlete.

Our Partners  

We are extremely proud here at FX Supplements Europe to have been chosen by some of the undisputed leading supplement manufacturers in the globe, who trust us to represent their brand here in Europe. Our “science to practice” model of furnishing the athlete/coach with science and evidence based studies/data as well as testing the gains once the supplements or ergogenic aids have been added to the training and fuelling protocol.

We collaborate internationally and receive training with leading names across the globe such as Dr, David Minkoff of Perfect Amino fame at Body Health in Clearwater USA who is medical doctor, 43 time full Ironman, 8 time Kona world championship athlete and designer of the world’s leading protein supplement.

Catalina Fernández de Ana Portela of Hifas Da Terra where we spent time in Santiago, Spain with Catalina and her team of doctors, mycotherapists and biologists training on and reviewing data on the use of Cordysin Sport in terms of V02 max and o2 sats.

We received virtual training from published researcher and Director of Research & Development at Institute for Human Kinetics, San Diego, California, United States Chad Macias who is a world leading molecular physiologist in human performance (who has coached Usain Bolt and Paula Radcliffe for most of their careers) on our next generation Lactigo product which in Q2, 2021 we are about to undergo a massive testing athlete study in field with Latigo’s Max Pringle in North America with specific focus in cycling, cyclocross and track.

Our Model

Not only are we informed by science but we pride ourselves in not being limited by science. We are always looking at and testing the latest innovation in sports science products across the globe. This is a huge financial and time investment for the company, but our management team feel this is what separates us in a market full of pseudo science, unapproved supplements or supplements with far too little active ingredient to make an actual performance impact.

Functional Lab Testing

At Fx Supplements we are strong believers in not alone testing each supplement prior to approval, we are also passionate about root cause medicine and its role in optimising both foundation health and in turn sports performance. At Fx we are working closely with our sister company The Nadura Clinic and their experienced practitioners and are delighted to offer our customers a range of functional lab tests ranging from an array of digestive tests including the infamous Gi Map (stool test) testing and analysing the full bowel microbiome (bacterial/fungal/parasitic balance) and also the functionality of the digestive tract. This PCR test has proven successful for both digestive health but also helping our athletes to achieve optimal results whilst ensuring their bowel health isn’t compromised. We also offer a full hormonal suite known as The DUTCH test, both a female and male suite of full hormone analysis, again both for overall health optimisation and also allowing the individual to pinpoint hormones that can have a catabolic effect on their body composition and muscle. We also now offer a DNA test which can give a very accurate picture of ones predisposition to health, performance, stress etc and how these can be optimised. Finally we also offer Organic Acids urine test which again is testing key urine metabolites to assess the bodies usage and ability in specific body process ie- antioxidant status, key vitamin/mineral status need, energy metabolism etc.

These tests can be ordered by anyone, whether you are looking to improve your digestive or hormonal health or an athlete looking for that extra gain, results can be released direct to the user or practitioners at The Nadura Clinic can offer a full test analysis and programme for a reduced fee for FX customers.