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Our Mission Statement

FX Supplements Europe is your trusted online supplements store for a comprehensive range of supplements. We specialise in sport, digestive wellness, recovery and optimal health supplements. We are led by science and only stock science and evidenced-based supplements from the world’s leading and most trusted suppliers.

Our Model

Not only are we informed by science but we pride ourselves in not being limited by science. We explore and test the latest innovation in science-based products across the globe. This is a huge financial and time investment for the company, but our management team feels that this is what separates us in a market full of bro science and poor quality formulations.

At FX we do not manufacture our own supplements, we source from global market leaders and are channel partners in Europe for many of the globe’s leading brands. Quite simply we supply the very best product available and always offer the client the supporting data to our claims.

What also sets us apart is that we test internally, in collaboration with our manufacturers and formulators with many international athletes, nutritionists, medical doctors, and some of the globe’s leading coaches. As well as being approved for sport, informed by science, tested on elite athletes we pride ourselves on our top results and consistency of podium at the highest level. 


As part of our individualised supplement recommendation we also utilise and partner with many of the globe’s leading technology innovators. Both directly through our clinical practice and through collaborations with coaches and laboratories. Many of these fantastic brands enable us to test and demonstrate the efficacy and individualised results of supplements and ergogenic aids to the athletes, in both performance and recovery

Supersapiens | Kymeira | Nutritics | Whoop| PNOE | INSCYD |MBODY360 | SENPRO 

Our Partners & Educators

We are extremely proud here at FX Supplements Europe to have been chosen by some of the undisputed leading supplement manufacturers in the globe, who trust us to represent their brand here in Europe. One of our greatest success stories is our “science to practice” model of furnishing the athlete and coach with the science and evidence-based studies and data combined with testing the gains once the supplements or ergogenic aids have been added to the training and fueling protocol.

The Nadura Clinic Leading Functional Medicine Clinic | Body Health Dr. David Minkoff | The Performance Lab Dr. Finbar Mc Grady | The Medical Team at Hifas Da Tera Catalina Fernández de Ana Portela | Lactigo Chad Macias Director of Research & Development at Institute for Human Kinetics, San Diego, California, United States | Delta G Professor Kieran Clarke Oxford University | Barry Monaghan Performance INSCYD |Supersapiens University CGM | NDS Nutrient Delivery System | Functional Testing Digestive Supplements Precision Analytical, Nordic Labs & DX Solutions Lab | Cellcore Specialist Digestive Supplements | Athlete Nutrition Coach |